Open Molecules is designed to host open chemistry projects. To create a project here, you must agree to an “open data,” “open source,” and “open standards” license. That is, any scientific data posted here is free for scientific use, all programs and web services here have open source code for review, and any protocol or file format must be fully documented.

This agreement is in the spirit of the scientific method and is designed to foster free and open exchange of science.

If you wish to host an open chemistry project on, please contact Prof. Geoffrey Hutchison. is currently hosted by the Hutchison Research Group at the University of Pittsburgh.

Projects are listed in chronological order with hosting at OpenMolecules.

CB Chemical Blogspace: CB collects data from tens of scientific chemistry blogs and then does useful and interesting things with it.
RDF Chemical RDF: The RDF project is an off-shoot of the Chemical Blogspace project and offers descriptors for molecules mentioned on chemical blogs. Essentially, Chemical RDF is a database of discussions and annotations on molecules.
ChemSpotlight ChemSpotlight is a plugin for Apple's Mac OS X which reads common chemical file formats and allows dynamic indexing and searching of chemical files on your desktop.
Avogadro Avogadro is an advanced molecular editor designed for cross-platform use in computational chemistry, molecular modeling, bioinformatics, materials science, and related areas. It offers a flexible rendering framework and a powerful plugin architecture.
Xo XtalOpt is a extension to Avogadro that performs a global search for stable crystal structures using evolutionary techniques.
CC ccwatcher monitors the progress of computational chemistry calculations during runtime. It has both a GUI and a Command Line Interface to which it parses important output and plots SCF energies. Avogadro plugin capability is planned.